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Every show has a star, and the show Dames At Sea, the show-within-the-show, stars Mona Kent, played hysterically by Broadway veteran Jane Labanz.

Broadway World


Oliver’s mother, Alison, is quietly and elegantly played by Jane Labanz.

Delco News Network


High among the many skills of Jane Labanz, the spunky, gloriously-voiced Marian (the librarian) is that she manages to make Hill seem a shade more dubious.  She is such a good actor. Labanz has an intriguing touch of pinched despair, just enough to set off her spunk and warmth.  It’s a lovely, nuanced performance.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

       *Jane was named as a Performer of the Year for her performance by the Post-Gazette.


Jane is as she should be, femininely saucy.

Chicago Review


Jane Labanz works in two very different worlds of scripts.  As an actress, singer and dancer, she has appeared in over 30 theatrical productions.  As a calligrapher and artist, Ms. Labanz has been center stage at The Delicate Pen, a business she founded.

New York Times, Job Market front page.


There was an enchanting third named Jane Labanz whose talent and ease onstage could not be hidden.

Florida Courier


For lack of space to expound, let it be said that [she] was simply divine…at least thrice blessed. Good voice, good acting, pretty.

Jupiter Post


Lovely Jane Labanz as the second Mrs. George M, Agnes Nolan, is delightful and possessed the best singing voice in the cast.

Jewish Journal


Jane Labanz as Jellylorum, displayed a silvery operatic voice and comic flair to spare.

Denver Express

         *This review originally named the wrong actress and a correction was subsequently published.


Singer, actress, artist, [Jane Labanz] dazzles guests.

Dallas Morning News


Jane Labanz wowed spectators as the play’s Patsy Cline fan.

Evansville Courier



Especially Brooke Ashton (Broadway veteran Jane Labanz), who makes spending most of the time on stage in lingerie look easy.

Broadway World


Photo by MIchael Foster Photography.  Jane as Violet in 9 to 5.