To support the livelihoods of musicians everywhere and to honor their copyright protections, all tracks are excerpts, unless they are public domain or copyrighted by Jane Labanz.


Style Title Clip
Belt One of the Boys
Contemporary Wick*
Pop Let Love Grow
Rodgers and Hart I’ll Tell the Man in the Street*
Vintage Catch a Falling Star*
Country When the Snow is on the Roses*
Soprano They Were You*
20’s Love Bird*
Standard Moon River*
Vintage A Room with a View*



Composer Title Clip
Claude Debussy Images I:Reflects dans l’eau*



Composer Title Clip
Jane Labanz and Bruce Barnes Moon Garden*
Jane Labanz and Bobby Hirschhorn Believe in Your Dreams (demo)


Jane’s album, Moon Garden, is available for purchase here.

*Available on iTunes.




Michael Ambroszewski (percussion), Bruce Barnes (piano), Dan Block (clarinet), Alex Domschot (guitar), Ken Gioffre (tenor sax), Don Harris (trumpet), Bobby Hirschhorn (piano on Moon River), Alex Huff (piano on One of the Boys/Let Love Grow), Randall Klitz (bass), Jane Labanz (piano on Debussy), Chris Tedesco (violin), Anik Oulianine (cello), Riley Robinson (bass on One of the Boys/Let Love Grow), Casey Smith (drums on One of the Boys/Let Love Grow)


Additional vocalists

Mitch Brauer, Colin Denniston, Neil Scott Johnson, Andy Frank, Josh Inman, Anthony Milfelt, Evan Robison


All songs not in public domain are protected by copyright.


Photo by:   Jane as Nellie in George M!