Tuck Everlasting Photo Release

What a thrill to work with Casey Nicholaw, and the rest of the creative team, on the World Premiere of Tuck Everlasting in Atlanta. Rewrites, new songs, an extremely talented cast, gorgeous costumes – the actor experience doesn’t get much better than this. But wait… indeed it does. The professional photos get released on Playbill.com and you see the show you are working on, from the eyes of the audience, for the very first time!


It is electrifying to be onstage during the opening number, and breathe in all the energy from those whirling dervish dancers and the undulating earthiness of this score, but there is a completely different kind of rush to see that moment captured on film, not unlike a moment in a Degas painting. I had no idea the backdrop, which changes colors for each scene, was such beautiful blue for this scene.


Jane Labanz and Tuck Company

Jane Labanz and the company of Tuck Everlasting 

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