Dames at Sea

One of my own favorite thrills is opening the show. Since I am playing “Mona Kent”, the tap dancing, movie star diva in Dames at Sea, at the Totem Pole Playhouse, I get to do just that!  I adore the opening song and dance number, Wall Street! I learned from the lovely Stefanie Powers, who I stood by for in the national tour of King and I, to be early if you are commencing the show, solo. No one should have to wait on you. Not one day, not one minute. Not every star/non-star I have worked with feels that way, believe me! Stefanie was always dressed, and ready and waiting on the stage, when 15 minutes was called.  So, at 15 minutes, here at the Totem Pole, I am already dressed and I grab my top hat and cane, buckle up my well broken in silver tap shoes and make my way to the wings. I actually revere those few minutes of calm solitude, listening to the audience chatter, musing with the stage managers and hearing the orchestra take their places. Thank you, Stefanie! Cherished moments I don’t intend to miss, thanks to you! 



“Every show has a star, and the show Dames at Sea, the show-within-the-show of Dames at Sea, stars Mona Kent, played hysterically by Broadway veteran  Jane Labanz.”  (BroadwayWorld.com)

Photo by Chris Shatzer



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