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The Diary of Anne Frank - October 17, 2023


The Diary of Anne Frank

I was thrilled to played Edith Frank in The Diary of Anne Frank at Mill Mountain Playhouse. I am pictured here with Lilah Rose Vanke as Margot.

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La Cage aux Folles - May 27, 2022


La Cage aux Folles

Jane Labanz will play Marie Dindon in La Cage aux Folles at Little Theatre on the Square August 4-14, 2022. This iconic theatre has been around since the 1920’s when it was a movie house. Guy S. Little decided to produce theatrical productions in the same theatre, which now is exclusively a stage production house. Betty Grable, Ann Miller, Mickey Rooney are just a few of the stars who have performed on this stage.

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News - October 18, 2021



*Booked Edith in the drama Diary of Anne Frank at Mill Mountain Playhouse. (This production has been canceled due to covid.)

* Booked Carnegie Hall guest singer for World Premiere of Turn the World Around. 

* Callback for “Lily” and “Dowager Empress” covers in Anastasia National Tour.

* Callback for “Mrs. Higgins” Understudy, My Fair Lady, Lincoln Center.

*  Callback for “Marmee” in Little Women at Savannah Repertory

* Callback for standby of “Joanne” and “Muriel” in B’way hopeful Half Time at Papermill Playhouse. (Formerly Gotta Dance.)

*  Callback for “Dorothy Brock” in 42nd Street, Fireside Theatre.

*  Callback for “Louise” in Holiday Inn, Finger Lakes Musical Theatre Festival.

*  Callback for “Madame Baurel” in An American in Paris, Ogunquit Playhouse.

*  Callback for “Louise” in Always….Patsy Cline, Depot Theatre.

*  Callback for “Blanche” in Brighton Beach Memoirs, Human Race Theatre

*  Callback for “Louise” in Always…Patsy Cline, Depot Theatre.

*  Callback for “Mrs. Vernon Williams” in Cry Baby, Tent Theatre.

*  Callback for “Miss Shields” in A Christmas Story, Human Race Theatre.

*  Callback for “Vera” in Smoke on the Mountain, Mountain Playhouse.

*  Callback for “Delia” in One Slight Hitch, Mountain Playhouse.

*  Callback for “Reverend Mother” in Nunsense, Saint Vincent Summer Theatre.

*  New headshots on the way! Here’s a fun shot we did at the end of the day, during the first snowfall of the season.


Photo by Bjorn Bolinder

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I Love a Piano (Again!) - August 1, 2017


I Love a Piano (Again!)

It is always nice to be requested to do a show, rather than auditioning, and that is what happened when I was asked to play “Sadie” in I Love a Piano this summer at Totem Pole Playhouse. This is the first time I have ever done two productions of the same show, in two different places, with all new people, and played a different role, in the same year!


Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 11.06.15 PM

“Jane Labanz’s voice ranged from hypersonic to champagne glass shattering as she aptly demonstrated that she could “do anything better than you.”   —-Gettysburg Times

Jonathan Rayson and Jane Labanz.

Photo by Andy Smetzer. (more…)

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I Love a Piano - January 1, 2017


I Love a Piano

The run of  I Love a Piano, at Milwaukee Rep, was a sold out success of 64 Irving Berlin songs. I played the role of “Eileen.”Singing "Suppertime" as "Eileen" in I Love a Piano at MIlwaukee Rep

Singing “Suppertime” as “Eileen” in I Love a Piano at Milwaukee Rep.

“Labanz, delivers a moving interpretation of “Suppertime,” sung to the memory of a spouse who went to war and never returned.”  –Showbiz Chicago.

Photo by Michael Brosilow.

All four cast members sang, danced, and played the piano in the production of I Love a Piano at Milwaukee Rep.

All four cast members sang, danced, and played the piano in the production of I Love a Piano at Milwaukee Rep. Photo by Michael Brosilow. Eric Shorey, Jane Labanz, and Steve Watkins performing Pack Up Your Sins.

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Upcoming Performance - July 1, 2016


Upcoming Performance

I am pleased to announce that I will be performing the role of “Eileen” in I Love a Piano at Milwaukee Rep beginning late October, 2016.  It should be grand and wild fun, because 3 of the 4 actors will be the petite orchestra and will be playing piano as well as acting.  I am one of those actors!  I have a piano degree that gets utilized, when playing for voice lessons and learning my own music, but I have always wanted to play piano as part of a character. Dream coming true this autumn!

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Between the Gigs News - April 1, 2016


Between the Gigs News

* Booked solos concert for Book in the Hollow book club in Dallas, TX.

* Callback for Jack’s Mother in Into the Woods at Forestburg Playhouse, NY.

* Callback for “Vi” in Buddy Holly Story, Theatre by the Sea, RI.

* Callback for “Mrs. MacAfee” u/s and Featured Ensemble in Bye, Bye, Birdie, Goodspeed Opera House, CT.

* Callback for “Lily” in the play, Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks, Totem Pole Playhouse, PA.

* Callback for “Pick a Little Lady” in Music Man, Cape Playhouse, Dennis, MA.

* Callback for “Mrs. Bennett” in Pride and Prejudice, Finger Lakes Theatre, NY.

*2 Callbacks for “Mrs. Lovett” in Sweeney Todd at Human Race Theatre, OH.

*Booked without callback “Eileen” in I Love a Piano at Milwaukee Rep, WI.



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The Nerd - July 1, 2015


The Nerd

There is something about an actor’s personality, be it A or B type, that must like the unknown. Always acclimating to a new cast, a new town, a new theatre, a new director, keeps you on your toes. But something about familiarity has its own comfort, too. When you know where the stage door is for a particular theatre, that in itself is soothing. So when you are asked to return to a theatre you have played before, and you know you will like the housing, that there is a state park steps away with a roaring stream that you can frequent after a long day of rehearsal, and that there are dozens of adorable little towns nearby for day off exploration, you say, “Yes!”


Such is the case in my playing the wildly neurotic Clelia in The Nerd. There is nothing like doing an old fashioned comedy for the summer at a theatre begun by Jean Stapleton and her husband. Lucky for all of us, Willum was played by the ever so talented, and ever so organized, Eric Szmanda (if that sounds familiar, think CSI Original).


Cast of THe Nerd


Paris Peet, Shane Donovan, Jane Labanz and Eric Szmanda in The Nerd. 

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Tuck Everlasting Final Performance - March 1, 2015


Tuck Everlasting Final Performance

Tuck Everlasting is a show I adore and I was so happy to be a part of its history, whether or not life takes me on the ride with it to New York, or whether it doesn’t, because of all the reasons we all know so well – understudy tracks, other people’s prior with history with the show, efforts with diversity in casting. I will treasure the experience of the World Premiere always. I will never open a music box again, without recalling the stage of the Alliance Theatre and a certain gal named Winnie Foster.


Jane as Older Winnie Crop

“Older Winnie” in the final scene of Tuck Everlasting, the World Premiere, the Alliance Theatre.

Photo by Greg Mooney.



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Tuck Everlasting Photo Release - February 1, 2015


Tuck Everlasting Photo Release

What a thrill to work with Casey Nicholaw, and the rest of the creative team, on the World Premiere of Tuck Everlasting in Atlanta. Rewrites, new songs, an extremely talented cast, gorgeous costumes – the actor experience doesn’t get much better than this. But wait… indeed it does. The professional photos get released on and you see the show you are working on, from the eyes of the audience, for the very first time!


It is electrifying to be onstage during the opening number, and breathe in all the energy from those whirling dervish dancers and the undulating earthiness of this score, but there is a completely different kind of rush to see that moment captured on film, not unlike a moment in a Degas painting. I had no idea the backdrop, which changes colors for each scene, was such beautiful blue for this scene.


Jane Labanz and Tuck Company

Jane Labanz and the company of Tuck Everlasting 

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Photo at top of page by Chris Shatzer. Jane as Brooke in Noises Off.