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Tent Theatre

I have always enjoyed settling into a long run of a show, with new audiences every night, swings and understudies going in and out creating a new dynamic onstage, and always something to improve in my own performance. But those itty-bitty runs-they

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Dames at Sea

One of my own favorite thrills is opening the show. Since I am playing “Mona Kent”, the tap dancing, movie star diva in Dames at Sea, at the Totem Pole Playhouse, I get to do just that!  I adore the opening song

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Brooke in Noises Off

I am playing the role of Brooke in Noises Off at the Totem Pole Theatre, from May 26th thru June 9th.  (Photo above in the banner.) Couldn’t be more excited about finally doing this play! What a lovely historic theatre,

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Solo Concert News

I performed my solo concert, with my petite orchestra I affectionately call the Lovebirds, at the Terrace Park Country Club, in Cincinnati, Ohio on March 15th.  The concert was a benefit for Hospice of Cincinnati and was chaired by Jane

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Barnes and Noble

I still get tickled pink when I see my album, Moon Garden, in the bins at Barnes and Noble – ever thankful to the 13 talented musicians who brought these 12 tracks to life with their creative playing. What a

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Love Story

Once again I am blessed to be playing a historical theatre, the Walnut Street Theatre, in Philadelphia. America’s oldest theatre. Talk about history! 200 years of it! Marlon Brando, Audrey Hepburn, Henry Fonda, Sidney Portier…..just a few names that played here.

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